Pathfinder Fort William & Glen Coe

Inchree Waterfalls

Walk Number: 1 | Updated: September, 2015

Pages 16-17
Route observation
The Forestry Commission walks mentioned in the walk introduction and referred to during the walk at various points have different colour marker posts to those mentioned in the text. This will be checked before the book is reprinted.

Some of the views mentioned by the author are now impaired by tree growth.

Mamore Lodge

Walk Number: 4 | Updated: September, 2015

Page 24
Information panel amendment
The Refreshments entry should be amended to read: Kinlochleven

Page 24, column 1, paragraph 2, lines 1 to 5
Walk route text amendment
Amend to read: Turn right to follow the track until you reach Mamore Lodge, a derelict hotel perched in a unique situation (c).

Page 24, column 2, lines 10 to 14
Walk route text amendment
Delete text: The estate actually belongs to the firm Alcan now, but sheep, deer and recreation are still its main activities. Walkers are often grateful to find that the lodge is now a welcoming hotel!

Page 24, column 2, last three lines
Walk route text amendment
Amend to read: Just past this knoll is a large, cleared, flat space and, marked by a small cairn, a path to the right (D) begins the descent to Kinlochleven.

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