Stinchar Falls

Walk Number: 11 | Updated: June, 2009

Page 39, route map
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The return path from waypoint D, following the river upstream, has become faint, overgrown and hard to follow.

Dunaskin Iron Works and ‘The Hill’

Walk Number: 7 | Updated: June, 2009

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For the less energetic, the climb up the disused tramway between waypoints B and C may be steeper than anticipated.

Irvine Valley, Lace Capital of Britain

Walk Number: 13 | Updated: June, 2009

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Turn right out of the car park and cross Main Street, then at the T-junction turn left into West Donnington Street A.

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At the junction with Burn Road B turn right.

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Deleted text read: On the corner opposite is the factory of Smith and Arnold… …The business is run by one of the grandsons.

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Head uphill on Burn Road and out of the town.