Pathfinder Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire

Upper Lea Valley and Someries Castle

Walk Number: 20 | Updated: August, 2013

Pages 58 and 59
Map amendment
On the map extract the Northings are labelled incorrectly: 18 should read 17, 19 should read 18, 20 should read 19, and 21 should read 20.

Page 58, column 1, paragraph 4, line 10
Additional information
The post referred to as marking waypoint F may no longer exist due to the new cycleway, but you still need to turn right under the railway at this point.

Bramfield Woods

Walk Number: 3 | Updated: May, 2011

Page 17, column 2, lines 13 and 14
Walk update
Curve left to join another track and on emerging from the trees, keep ahead at first along the left edge of a field, and then follow the track across fields to a path junction by an area of scrub and trees.