Pathfinder More Cotswolds

Macaroni Downs and the Leach Valley

Walk Number: 24 | Updated: March, 2014

Page 74, column 1, paragraph 3, line 4
Walk update
After exiting from the trees via a metal gate, do not keep ahead beside the river but bear slightly left across the field to a gate. Go through, and go straight across the field to a gate.

Sherborne and Windrush

Walk Number: 23 | Updated: March, 2014

Page 70, column 2, paragraph 2, lines 4 and 5
Walk update
Turn right onto a broad and undulating track through the valley, following it round first right-hand and then left-hand bends to pass a farmyard on the right, and keep ahead to a metal gate D.

Page 71, column 2, paragraph 2, lines 3 and 4
Walk update
Go through the gate opposite, here temporarily rejoining the outward route, and retrace your steps to the shop and war memorial in Sherborne village.

Stow-on-the-Wold, Broadwell and Donnington

Walk Number: 18 | Updated: March, 2014

Page 55, information panel, Parking
Parking text amendment
Stow-on-the-Wold, along Parson’s Corner

Somerford Keynes and the River Thames

Walk Number: 11 | Updated: August, 2009

Page 35, information panel, Parking
Additional information
Be aware that there is a fee for parking at Keynes Country Park.