Pathfinder North York Moors

Hole of Horcum

Walk Number: 13 | Updated: October, 2014

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The five-way signpost mentioned at waypoint B is reported missing. At the five-way junction take the second left path, rising to become Limpsey Gate Lane.

The Bride Stones

Walk Number: 6 | Updated: October, 2014

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Low Staindale car park, the start of the walk, is reached along Dalby Forest Drive which, as stated is a toll road. This is now £7 per car (which also allows access to the Forest Visitor Centre café and Go Ape.

Osmotherley, Mount Grace Priory and Scarth Wood Moor

Walk Number: 20 | Updated: August, 2010

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For walkers with dogs, note that dogs are not allowed at Mount Grace Priory visited en route after waypoint B.

Goathland, Mallyan Spout and the Roman Road

Walk Number: 25 | Updated: October, 2014

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Walk update
Keep going for another 300yds, and then turn sharp left F by a helpfully-placed cairn, along a discernible path.

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Walk update
Keep going for a little over ¼ mile passing several small cairns before reaching a larger one. Bear off left past it, and follow an indistinct path that descends across the slope, to join a more prominent track below, which leads ahead past the mouth of a shallow valley.

Guisborough and Highcliff Nab

Walk Number: 17 | Updated: October, 2014

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Additional information
Forestry operations in Guisborough Woods mean that some of the references in the text to woodland clearings, etc. are now obsolete. Stay on the Cleveland Way between waypoints C and D and follow the National Trail acorn waymarks.