Pathfinder West Sussex & the South Downs

Ardingly Reservoir

Walk Number: 10 | Updated: January, 2011

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Additional information
The text states ‘Fifty permits each day are available in advance from the office at Wakehurst Place’; please note that you can no longer book to go into the Loder Valley and entrance is on a first come first served basis and permits are available from the Visitor Centre obtainable on the day of your visit.

Arundel Park and South Stoke

Walk Number: 18 | Updated: July, 2013

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Walk update
Follow the driveway into the park bearing right at a notice ‘No unauthorised vehicles beyond this point’ onto a track

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Cross the end of the gallop (look outfor racehorses here), then in 25yds turn left B.

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Turn left here to visit the unpretentious and utterly peaceful little St Leonard’s Church. It is usually open.

The Chidham Peninsula

Walk Number: 11 | Updated: July, 2013

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Continue along the path, then descend the bank by a fingerboard, down some steps C and head back below it for 200yds before turning left to follow a hedge.

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Go straight on when you rejoin the lane; then, just after the tiny 13th-century church with its whitewashed porch, turn left onto a lovely grassy footpath that winds past Chidmere Pond.