Pathfinder East Sussex & the South Downs

Ditchling Beacon and Wolstonbury Hill

Walk Number: 27 | Updated: July, 2013

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Walk update
Go through the gate at the top of the car park and take the chalky track (South Downs way) which climbs westwards.

Icklesham from Winchelsea

Walk Number: 16 | Updated: July, 2013

Page 51, column 2, line 14
Walk update
Cross two stiles with a bridleway in between and go left uphill towards a ruined building, the west wall of St John’s Hospital that once belonged to the Friary.

Northiam and Great Dixter

Walk Number: 1 | Updated: June, 2013

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At St Mary’s Church

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Walk update
Cross the bridge, walk across the next field and go through a copse, then follow the path right along the field edge to reach another footbridge and a junction of paths B.