Pathfinder Essex

Ingatestone and Mountnessing

Walk Number: 23 | Updated: June, 2013

Pages 69 to 71
Notification of path closure and missing footbridge. This walk needs reassessing.
The footbridge over the railway at Heybridge is closed and, to the east of Ingatestone Hall, for those wishing to take in the spur to the remote 14th-Century Buttsbury church, the footbridge is missing.

St Peter’s Chapel, Bradwell Marshes and Tillingham

Walk Number: 28 | Updated: June, 2012

Page 88, route map
Additional information– potential road safety issue
The B1021 used for the route between waypoints D and E can be busy and so a safer alternative after visiting Tillingham is to retrace your steps along St Peter’s Way to the first footpath crossways and turn left taking you past Mark Farm and re-joining the route on Mark Road just beyond waypoint E.