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May walking – Spring Wildflowers


While March and April, depending upon where you live in the UK, can be regarded as transitional months between the seasons, there can be little doubt that for most of us May is truly a month that belongs to spring. The magnificent unfolding of spring is nature’s earnest response to warmer temperatures and lengthening days…. Read more »

What sort of walk are you planning?


There are many considerations to take into account when planning a walk, but they fall into two broad headings: Subjective: those where you make the decisions and the choices, and Objective: those over which you have no control. Subjective aspects involve making decisions about: • where you are intending to walk • whether the walk is… Read more »

Nature’s weather forecast: How the landscape tells us it’s going to rain


In the past, man relied solely on his observation of the sky and the way plants and animals behaved to predict the weather. Accumulated experience was handed down in rhyme or linked to certain dates, and inevitably was not that reliable. Seaweed and pinecones were traditionally used in foretelling the weather. But while a piece of… Read more »