Walk Updates

We very much welcome and encourage readers to contact us about their Pathfinder Walks and to let us know if there are any changes or inaccuracies in the text or on the route maps.

The updates listed here are supplied by readers and have not necessarily been verified by our authors. They apply to guides in print only and to the latest available edition. The comments are investigated for inclusion at the next printing opportunity for each title. If you have any further information on the updates below we’d be very pleased to hear from you.

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9780319090282 OS PF Cotswolds
9780319090305 PF Dartmoor
9780319090367 OS PF Dorset
9780319090114 PF Exmoor & the Quantocks
KFPF2015 Fort William COVER FA.indd
9780319090107 PF New Forest, Hampshire & South Downs
9780319090077 PF Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire
9780319090022 PF Isle of Skye
SWG Cover 10mm spine